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“Couldn’t recommend Greg enough ! My 4 year old son just started and Greg is amazing, to say the least, at keeping the kids engaged and focused. So friendly with everyone, very welcoming and definitely passionate with what he does! Anyone who is thinking of signing up should definitely check it out ! Amazing prices!"

Tiffany LaRocque

“Passionate instructor. My 4yr old son loves this class!"

Lyndsay Couture

“Great instructor, good with kids, he has lots of energy and patience"

Helen Ball

“Best classes Ever!
Definitely an experience my kids love! Thank you for being an amazing teacher and person! :)"

Lisa Lock

“Our son was with Hiltz Hapkido for the last year. He has taken away so many great lessons. Not only on technique and strength, but life skills - focus, control, discipline, teamwork and a great sense of community.. You won’t be disappointed. 
Thank u Greg!"

MikeLisa Theil

"Can't recommend his tiny tigers class enough - if anyone is thinking about giving it a shot please do."

Suzanne Lundie

"Master Hiltz is a top quality instructor. You will enjoy every class. Very professional and great with the kids!"

Sensei Chris Workman

"I cannot recommend this man enough, skilled, knowledgeable, great with people and the most positive outlook on life I have ever seen."

Michel David Marcotte

"The energy that he puts into every class is amazing. He is patient but firm with all the kids. My 5 year old daughter looks forward to every class. The classes are affordable, uniforms are as well. Greg makes the kids classes relevant for the parents and instills long last ethics lessons as well as fitness for the younger students."

Jasmine Maitland

"Very informative adult classes that are excellent for self defense and exercise. The kids classes are fun and interactive."

Ashlea Colton

"I came to Hiltz Hapkido looking for a more laid back environment to learn Martial Arts. I wasn't looking for the super structured classes with formal tests and levels and a hundred belts. I had already done that for a number of years. I wanted a close-knit adult class and to learn something that I feel is a genuinely effective method of self defense. Even better if it was within a decent budget that didn't cost me an arm and a leg.

What I found at Hiltz Hapkido was exactly what I was looking for and more. Greg is probably the best instructor I've ever had. He's extremely knowledgeable, professional (yet informal), friendly, and he works with you on an individual level to help you understand his craft as much or as little as you may want (and there is a lot of depth to what he does!). There are so many good things about this school that I'm having a hard time putting them all into words. You should come and see for yourself!

Needless to say, I HIGHLY recommend Hiltz Hapkido to anyone even remotely thinking about learning martial arts."

Pascale Dominique

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