Master Greg Hiltz with Hiltz Hapkido at the OntarioBreaking Championships (OBC)

Greg Hiltz started his martial arts training in 2002. He studied Hapkido and Kyusho Jitsu under Grand Master Art Mason at The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute in Windsor, Ontario.

He has studied and worked with many styles and believes that we should learn from everyone and incorporate what works best for you. In 2003 he began teaching martial art classes which led up to providing personal training and running group fitness classes. He is an advocate for combining traditional martial arts training with modern exercise science.

Served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 11 years, six in the infantry (1RCR) and five as an intelligence operator. He was wounded in Afghanistan in 2010 resulting in a partially amputated left foot.

Coach Greg continues to teach classes, train, visit other dojos, attend seminars and participates with tournaments.

Founder & Head Coach - Hiltz Hapkido
Certified MMA Conditioning Coach - MMACA
Certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach - NESTA
Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist - NESTA
Kettlebell Coach - NESTA
Hapkido - 5th Degree Black Belt
Kyusho Jitsu - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Modern Arnis - Blue Belt
Shito Ryu Karate - 4th Kyu
Lvl.1 T.U.S.K. Tomahawk - WMAA
Lvl.1 Kickboxing Coach - WAKO