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Master Greg Hiltz with Hiltz Hapkido at the OntarioBreaking Championships (OBC)

Founder & Head Coach of Hiltz Hapkido
Hapkido - 5th Degree Black Belt
Kyusho Jitsu - 2nd Degree Black Belt
Modern Arnis - 1st Degree Black Belt
Shito Ryu Karate - 4th Kyu
Lvl.1 T.U.S.K. Tomahawk - WMAA
Lvl.1 Kickboxing Coach - WAKO
Certified MMA Conditioning Coach - MMACA

Certified Metabolic Conditioning Coach - NESTA
Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist - NESTA
Kettlebell Coach - NESTA

On 23 Sep 87, Greg Hiltz was born in Sudbury, Ontario where he spent half of his childhood. His teen years were spent in Windsor, ON where he first started his martial arts training in 2002.

He studied Hapkido and Kyusho Jitsu under Master Art Mason at The Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts Institute in Windsor, ON. In 2003 he began teaching martial art classes up until he started his military career. While posted to Petawawa, ON he still travelled down to Windsor to train with his instructor up until Art Mason emigrated to Romania. He was awarded his 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kyusho Jitsu in 2011 and his 5th Degree Black belt in Hapkido in 2015.

Greg served in the Canadian Armed Forces for 11 years, six in the infantry with 1RCR and five as an intelligence operator. While serving with Task Force 1-10 1RCR Battle Group he was wounded in Afghanistan in 2010 resulting in a partially amputated left foot. He continued on as an infantryman to later be employed in a heavy weapons detachment and then a short OJT with a reconnaissance platoon. In 2013 his occupational transfer was accepted and he was employed as an intelligence operator with 12 ASIC up to his medical release late 2018.

For about a year he trained with the Deep River Karate Club learning Shito Ryu Karate under Sensei Ron Rogge. He tested for his 4th Kyu in Pembroke, ON in 2011.

Greg started teaching martial arts under the banner of Hiltz Hapkido in Deep River, ON in 2014. What began in his backyard slowly grew as he offered more programs. He moved his classes to a church space and eventually leased commercial space downtown in the summer of 2019.

His first exposure to Arnis was at a martial arts gathering in North Bay, ON. He attended a workshop presented by Punong Guro Craig Mason, Canada's leading Modern Arnis Practitioner. He became an out of town student of PG Craig Mason in 2019 and regularly travels to Sudbury, ON every few months to train. In 2022 he was promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt in Modern Arnis at the 65th Anniversary Modern Arnis Camp hosted by Datu Tim Hartman in West Seneca, NY.

Coach Greg continues to be an avid partial artist who enjoys teaching classes, training, visiting other dojos, and participating in workshops and tournaments.

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